Specialist Software Engineer

A full stack developer in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. I am working on Commbank Mobile App initiatives. My key strength has been on Android Development with .Net backend. I am creating user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional applications for Android.

Due to my clear understanding with the backend as well as front-end principles and practices, I am able to go extra miles in providing suggestions in architecting and designing the end to end solution.

Technical work flow:

Currently, I am delivering quality backend REST services using .NET WebAPI with the basic touch on MVC framework for legacy projects. The workflow has been maintained by using git based stash (now called bitbucket) with Teamcity build system for continuous integration and SonarQube for Quality Assurance. In addition, the code is written with four different types of test cases - Unit Test, Integration Test, Acceptance Test and Penetration Test (OWASP security). The BDD (Specflow) or TDD work model is applied as well.

The team follows SCRUM board where user stories are maintained through online CA Agile tool (formally known as Rally) and physical board for daily scrum flow.

I have been bringing various changes within my team and beyond by introducing the following CI initiatives for Native as well backend space.

  • SonarQube with Resharper, PR Level Analysis
  • Postman Integration in Teamcity.
  • Android Training sessions for iOS and .Net Developers
  • Omniture Console for Android

Key technologies used:

Microsoft Visual Studio.net 2015/2013, .NET, C# 6, Nuget Packages, WebApi2, ASP.NET MVC, REST, NUnit, NSubstitute, Automapper, Autofac, JWT (JSON Web Token), Aspect Programming using PostSharp, Splunk

Android Studio 2. Android SDK 24, Java, Android Studio, Google Play Services such as Map, firebase, NearBy, Dagger2, EventBus, RxJava, ButterKnife, Picasso & Glide